How to Pick the Right Fitness Bands?

Fitness bands are a great alternative to expensive exercise equipment. This compact sports equipment will help to get your body in shape, but in order to do this you need to know how to choose and use it correctly in order to benefit, and not harm your health. Unlike other exercise equipment, fitness rubber bands […]

How to Burn Belly Fat? Exercises and Workouts

Abdominal exercises do not produce the greatest effect when it comes to burning belly fat. Instead, prolonged and consistent cardio is your best bet. This can be explained by the simple fact that vigorous aerobic exercise raises your metabolic rate, allowing your body to expend more energy throughout the day – which helps you lose […]

Plank – How to Do It Right?

The plank exercise is a stand on the elbows with tensed abs and hamstrings. The main goal of the plank is to maintain the correct position for the maximum amount of time – beginners start from 20-30 seconds, reaching a minute or more. The correct exercise technique implies the development of the ability to consciously […]

Core Exercises for Beginners

Core exercises are simple and effective. Read about how beginners can correctly exercise the core in the gym and at home. The abs are a unique muscle group made up of different segments and layers. In addition to division into the top and bottom of the core, we will mention the oblique and internal abdominal […]

Can I Exercise Every Day? Rules and Guidelines

The benefits of exercising every day are clear – more exercise means more calories burned. That is why people who want to lose weight quickly are ready to play sports every day. However, does this approach help you burn fat more efficiently? Ultimately, the answer depends on your choice of nutritional strategy. Attending fitness classes […]

Exercises with Fitness Ball

Fitness ball is an effective tool for sculpting or even building up your abs and strengthening your core muscles. Since it is necessary to maintain balance when performing exercises on a fitness ball, this activates the deep stabilizing muscles, positively affecting posture. The best exercises for the core on fitness ball are various turns and […]

12 Cardio Exercises at Home

Cardio exercises at home are great for your overall physical and mental health, and much of the time requires no equipment. If you have an exercise bike, ellipsoid, or treadmill at home, you’re in luck and you can easily do a cardio workout at home. But what if there are no such simulators? Running in […]

5 Best Fitness Bands Exercises

Elastic fitness bands are a great workout tool at home. This article presents a home workout program to strengthen your leg muscles with latex/rubber and fabric resistance fitness bands. Fitness elastic is a compact elastic band made of a special material in the form of a ring. The load is provided by the resistance that […]

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