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Living healthy lifestyle is not only about special foods or sports. It is the ability to properly use the resources of our body, given to us by nature. Recently, there has been a positive trend: more and more young people abandon unhealthy addictions and choose lifestyle changes for better health. 

A healthy living is a whole range of measures aimed at improving health and preventing pathological processes in the body. It is very easy to lose your health and it is so difficult, sometimes even impossible, to restore it later. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you just need to make healthy lifestyle habits. Compliance with the rules of healthy lifestyle can significantly increase life expectancy and improve its quality.


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A healthy lifestyle has a significant impact on immunity. According to a survey of those who have recently gave up bad health habits and implemented healthy lifestyle choices, well-being, mood and outlook on everyday life has improved significantly.

In addition, striving to lead a healthy life contributes to the following improvements:

  • The frequency of recurrence of chronic diseases is reduced;
  • On awakening, feeling of fatigue is replaced with a surge of strength and restfulness;
  • There is an increased endurance in sports training;
  • The frequency of colds is reduced, and their severity is minimized;
  • The skin becomes firmer and clearer.

In addition, studies show that good lifestyle habits can reduce the likelihood of developing a number of age-related diseases. In addition, this is a great example to set for loved ones, especially children.



A healthy lifestyle has 7 main “pillars”: physical activity, balanced nutrition, absence of bad habits, good hygiene and sleep, wellness procedures and emotional stability. If you work on all of these aspects, the quality of life and well-being will be significantly improved.

The health of internal organs, appearance, mental well-being and immunity directly depend on what we eat. A healthy lifestyle involves the elimination of artificial flavors, flavor enhancers, fatty foods, colors and preservatives, or at least their reduction.


Here are the basic rules:

The most difficult step in a healthy lifestyle is proper, balanced nutrition. Healthy food is the key to good health. It is advisable to drink a lot of water, vitamin juices, eat only natural vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to abandon harmful frozen products or semi-frozen foods, which are a time bomb waiting to explode and ruin your health.

You should not starve or overeat – both of these eating habits negatively affect your well-being. You can’t feel hungry and, conversely, overeat. Try to ensure that the daily calorie intake is 1700-1900 cal (the norm for women leading a sedentary lifestyle, for men the daily calorie intake is about 300-400 cal higher).

Drink clean water. It is advisable to consume from 0.4 to 0.5 gallons  of water per day (not tea, coffee, juice, etc.)

Cut back on sweets in your diet. If you want something sweet, give preference to fresh vegetables and dried fruits. You can also consume dark chocolate in moderation.

Eat at least 4-5 small meals a day. At the end of the meal, there should be a feeling of slight hunger.

The daily menu should contain meat or fish, vegetables and fruits, cereals, dairy products. Eat a variety of foods.


It is advisable to have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. It is undesirable to eat immediately before bedtime.

Eliminate fast food, fatty and smoked foods from your diet.

Give preference to home cooking, stewing or baking.

If you have not followed a diet before, it can be difficult for you to change your diet dramatically. Try to start small – remove from the diet fatty sauces and foods that contain them, avoid flavor enhancers and chemical additives in food, give up instant foods, convenience foods, confectionery, increase the proportion of fruits and vegetables in the menu. Completing each of these steps will be a step towards a healthy diet.

Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity leads to a decrease in the metabolic rate, the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems as well as neurological pathologies.

If your work is not about movement, try to increase the activity yourself. For example, you can do morning exercises after waking up. It is also useful to jog, jump rope, and perform quick cardio exercises the mornings. After a little physical activity, a person feels vigorous, his mood rises. Any sports activity improves appetite and increases muscle tone.

It is considered normal to be in motion for at least 1 hour a day (this is about 8000-10,000 steps). Scientists have proven that every minute of activity affects the state of the body in the long term – which means that even climbing the stairs, rather than taking the elevator, already brings you closer to health.

You can increase your daily activity by making it a habit to start and end your day with a gentle warm-up. If you go to work by public transport, get off 1-2 stops earlier and walk the remaining path. Taking breaks is very helpful if you have a sedentary job. Get some fitness, go for a walk or play sports on the weekends. These measures are sufficient to maintain health and wellness.

  • Good Hygiene

Personal hygiene is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. This primarily concerns the oral cavity. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and pay attention to the entire oral cavity. In addition to the standard set of toothbrush and toothpaste, get a water floss, dental floss and mouthwash. Failure to comply with these rules risks not only the development of cavities, but also periodontitis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is also important to keep the house in order: regularly carry out wet cleaning, prevent dust accumulation, ventilate the rooms daily.

  • Setting up a daily routine

Scientists have concluded that sleep duration and regularity are important for health and wellness. At night, the body recovers its strength and energy. But light sleep or insomnia leads to poor performance, distraction and irritability. Everyone should sleep at least 7 hours a day. It is advisable to fall asleep and wake up at the same time. Of course, exceptions can sometimes be made, for example on weekends.


  • Emotional Attitude

Nervous tensions, constant breakdowns, stress – all this negatively affects mood, well-being and health in general. Stress provokes chronic diseases, contributes to the loss of strength and the emergence of aggression.  Experts recommend adhering to the following tips:

Don’t be anxious about what you cannot change. If you cannot cope with anxiety, seek help from a psychologist.

Think positively, find positive moments in any situation.

Do not hold evil, let go of all insults, do not envy and do not harm people.

Try to avoid stressful situations.

healthy quotes
“Happiness is the highest form of health.”
Dalai Lama


It is generally accepted that a habit is formed within 21 days. By following the above guidelines, you can form habits that will help you prolong life and slow down the aging process. It is very important to observe the basics of a healthy lifestyle in a complex. That is, if you follow personal hygiene, play sports, and eat right, but smoke at the same time, a bad habit can slow down positive changes.


Habits to live a healthy active lifestyle

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, try to do your best to pass on a healthy habit to your children. Teach your child to do the right thing from an early age.

  • From an early age, send your child to the sports facilities.
  • Go outdoors at least once a week.
  • Sometimes give up public transport and cars, walk more.
  • Visit your doctor regularly for a preventive examination.
  • Try not to teach your child to love junk food, sweets, and products containing chemicals in their composition.
  • From childhood, teach your baby the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Involve your child in cleaning the house.

A healthy lifestyle should not cause discomfort, all actions should be a joy. Develop good habits gradually. First, get used to new food, then start doing exercises in the morning, etc. Over time, you will begin to feel better and calmer, and will be able to achieve goals that seemed previously unattainable.

A healthy lifestyle is the true path to longevity. To be healthy, strong and beautiful, you need to have an iron willpower and work very hard, namely, work on yourself first of all. Healthy lifestyles are instilled from early childhood.

The golden motto of a healthy lifestyle by which you need to live is to observe the correct daily routine, move more, walk in the fresh air, read good books, listen to classical music, learn every day and avoid being lazy!


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