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Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy breakfasts for weight loss can easily be not only low-calorie, but also delicious. For example, a bran and prune smoothie (as well as unsweetened chia seed muesli) will help stimulate the intestines to help you lose weight. However, the first rule of breakfast for weight loss is to create a long-lasting feeling of fullness. […]

Detox Diet for Weight Loss

A detox diet is a way to quickly lose a few extra pounds without exhausting the body with nutritional deficiencies. This is the best option if you want to get in shape after the holidays, vacations, or, conversely, a difficult period when you could eat only processed products. For all its effectiveness and the whole […]

Core Exercises for Beginners

Core exercises are simple and effective. Read about how beginners can correctly exercise the core in the gym and at home. The abs are a unique muscle group made up of different segments and layers. In addition to division into the top and bottom of the core, we will mention the oblique and internal abdominal […]

What is Gluten and Where is it Found?

Since gluten is a component of wheat protein, it is found in all foods made from wheat. Most noteworthy gluten sources are pastas, breads, pancakes and sweet pastry. Further, gluten containing products may include condensed milk, ice cream, vegetable purees, and even various sauces.In such food products, gluten is used as a thickener – it […]

List of High Fiber-Rich Foods

Fiber (or dietary fiber) is a plant component that the human stomach cannot digest in most cases. Despite this, fiber plays an important role in the metabolic process. It helps with the maintenance of digestion and regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol levels.Foods rich in fiber primarily include grains and stems of plants. Additionally, it […]

Paleo Diet for Good Health

The paleo diet is not your usual weight loss diet, but rather a lifestyle. Like vegetarians, Paleo adherents impose a number of rules on their diet based on the belief that industrially manufactured foods are harmful to health. On paleo, only traditional food is allowed – instead of canned food, pizza and chips, you must […]

Benefits of Detox Drink

Detox drinks are one of the trendiest ways to diet. However, having the phrase detox on a product can mean a variety different things. If it is a tea, then it will most likely have a diuretic effect, dietary supplements in tablets – a mild laxative, face masks – cleansing and antibacterial properties, similar to […]

Can I Exercise Every Day? Rules and Guidelines

The benefits of exercising every day are clear – more exercise means more calories burned. That is why people who want to lose weight quickly are ready to play sports every day. However, does this approach help you burn fat more efficiently? Ultimately, the answer depends on your choice of nutritional strategy. Attending fitness classes […]

How to Calculate Your Calorie Intake?

The are several ways to calculate your calorie intake. Daily calorie intake is the amount of energy the body needs to function and maintain metabolism. Reducing calories by 15-20% per day leads to weight loss. On the other hand, athletes must increase their daily caloric intake if they wish to gain muscle mass. You can […]

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